Luis "Flyon" Rivera

 The Flying Lion first took flight at the “Mega Sesh” at UCF. It was a reunion of epic proportions, and young Luis Rivera was crashing the boards with the best of them. But then when the hype on the court hit a new high, Luis went wild.

Waving his long hair from side to side, he let out a series of mighty roars as he landed dunk after dunk only to run across the court and backflip off the wall. In that moment, as he leapt from hoop to hoop, bouncing off the walls like a wild beast, Jorge Luis Rivera was reborn.


From his decision to drop out of school to chase a dream to the feral instincts that drive him to try things other dunkers wouldn’t dare dream of, Luis is a “Flyon.” A Lion of Flight.

His signature design, the winged lion, is a coat of arms for all with the courage to take their game to new heights. Luis is a king of the jungle, a crowned captain of a new army. An army of digital dunkers, storming courts across the globe.